Palmwood Lodge

Established in 1988, this lush oasis began as a family owned home with 38 rooms – the lodge has since been under the same ownership. Eighteen years later, Palmwood continues to exist with exponential growth, expanding to reach to guests from both within Zambia and all over the world. Only a 26 minute drive from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, visitors enjoy Palmwood Lodge’s hospitality, personalized service and exquisite atmosphere, taking them to a paradise far away from life at home.

Escape The Noise

An oasis within the busy Zambian capital, Lusaka, this beautiful lodge makes it easy to escape the noise. Though Palmwood is centrally located, 5 hectares of lush garden, different tree types and exotic flowers makes this easy to forget.

With our additional amenities aiming to make your stay that much more relaxing, we are positive you will get the ultimate Zambian countryside experience you deserve.